Veteran Owned and Operated in the USA
Veteran Owned and Operated in the USA
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Brava Starter Set - True Multi-Zone Cooking - Pizza Oven

SKU BR09A-01
by Brava

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One-Touch Smart Programs
10-IN-1 Versatility
Digital Display
Faster Cooking Time
7000+ customizable cooking programs FREE
Brava mobile app

Brava Starter Set - Cooking With Light - True Multi-Zone Cooking - Pizza Oven

Ditch The Takeout

Eat healthier and save money making your favorite pizza at home! Why pay for takeout when you can have wood-fired oven quality pizza in half the time it takes for delivery!

Brava unveiled a smart toaster oven at the Consumer Electronics Show that cooks an entire pizza in just 10 minutes

Start cooking with light

Brava cooks food to perfection using pioneering light technology that brings unparalleled heat, speed, and precision to all your favorite meals.

Cooking with the Brava oven. The Brava can cook food in 10 ways, including functions to bake, sear, air fry, dehydrate, and broil. It uses what they refer to as Pure Light Cooking, which is a combination of visible and infrared light that can go from zero to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a fraction of a second.

ONE-TOUCH SMART PROGRAMS: 7000+ customizable cooking programs FREE and pre-downloaded to your mini oven, as well as accessible through your Brava mobile app. Automatically cook up to 3 ingredients (protein + 2 vegetables) at once. Recipes also include Pizza, Chicken Wings, Veggies, and more.

10-IN-1 VERSATILITY: Air-Fry, Roast, Bake, Sear (Broil), Toast, Reheat, Rice Cook, Dehydrate, Slow-Cook, and Keep Warm all in one powerful, countertop touchscreen smart oven. Remember, the Brava oven requires 1800W of power and a dedicated circuit breaker.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The LED-backlit touchscreen on the Brava smart countertop oven lets you customize each recipe to your liking. Watch the recipe from the Brava display or download the free Brava app to remotely monitor the doneness of whatever you are cooking.

FASTER COOKING: Rapid preheat time and up to 2-4x faster cooking than a traditional full-size convection oven for crispier and juicer results. The most advanced and powerful of the countertop ovens and the only oven to harness light as the energy source to add an unmatched element of precision and taste.

FEED 1, 2, or 4: Brava’s recipe programs and unique zone cooking let you decide the quantity of how many you are feeding. This includes 2-level even cooking with no rotating required — fit a whole tray of protein (Chicken, Steak, Fish, etc.) plus a tray of vegetables. Multi-Zone cooking allows you to automatically cook combinations of up to 3 ingredients all at once on the same tray.

Color: Silver
Product Dimensions: 17.3"D x 16.4"W x 11.3"H
Capacity: 10 Liters
Wattage: 1800 watts