Veteran Owned and Operated in the USA
Veteran Owned and Operated in the USA
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Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Natural Gas Portable Outdoor Heater | BH0510005

SKU BH0510005
by Bromic

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Powerful yet easy to maneuver. The award-winning Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable heater offers efficient heating in a stylish, modular, and maneuverable design with a neutral black finish.

Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Natural Gas Portable Outdoor Heater | BH0510005

Up to 3 times more efficient than traditional Mushroom heaters, the Bromic Tungsten Portable Gas heater has got you covered! With its award-winning, matte black finish, it’s a piece of modern art and a high-performance radiant heater in one, creating comfortable warm environments in areas of up to 215ft2.

This highly-efficient patio heater easily overcomes winds of up to 8mph and wastes little to no energy thanks to its use of directional heat, making sure the heat ends up exactly where it’s needed.


  • Heat Output: The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable delivers a widespread heat field.
  • Versatility: Unique and patented adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat.
  • Efficiency: High intensity ceramic burner, delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss. Wind Resistance: Specifically built to provide constant and consistent heat in any environment at wind speeds up to 8 mph.
  • Directional Heat: Innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes exactly where it is needed.
  • Modular Design: Functional and progmatic, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable can easily be assembled, dismantled and stored.
  • Maneuverability: Anti-tilt structure with built-in wheels for easy movement.
  • Soft Touch Ignite: Battery activated repetitive spark Ignition


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 86" x 19" x 27"
  • Ignition: 1.5V repetitive spark ignitor
  • Heat Output: 38,500
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • Heating Area: 215 sq. ft.
  • Gas Supply 20lb (9kg) Lp- Gas Cylinder
  • Gas supply pressure Min 11"wc - Max 14"wc
  • Safety Features Flame failure device, anti-tilt switch
  • Weight: 123.5 lbs